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Berlin : Berlin is the capital city of Germany. The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark of the city. The main monuments of Berlin are: Berliner Dom (Berlin cathedral), the Spree Island, the Alexanderplatz, the Fernsehturm (TV tower), the Berlin wall including the East Side Gallery and Checkpoint Charlie (the old crossing point between East-Berlin and West Berlin.


Flag - Germany

Map - Germany

Berlin ---> Germany

Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom -  The Charles Bridge

The Berliner Dom is the cathedral of Berlin. It is located on the Spree Island. It is 114m long, 73m wide and 116m tall.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate  - berlin

The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark of Berlin. It was build by par Carl Gotthard Langhans in 1791 according to the neo-classic style.

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