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Rome : The city of Rome, is located in the Lazio region and is the capital of Italy. Rome used to be the capital of the Roman Empire during Antiquity. The city is often called the city of the seven hills (the Cermalus, the Cispius, the Fagutal, the Oppius, the Palatium, the Sucusa and the Velia). The historic city center is part of the UNESCO’s world heritage since 1980.


Rome ---> Italy


Rome - Colosseum

The colosseum is an amphitheatre located in the city center of Rome, and was built around from 70 AD to 80 AD. This amphitheatre was the largest ever built under the Roman Empire.

Roman Forum

Roman Forum

The Forum Romanum (The Roman Forum) used to be the biggest place in Rome. The forum was the place where roman citizens would meet to deal with the political and economical issues.

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